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1986 Mercedes-Benz The First Century A Social View of the Automobile Brochure

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1986 Mercedes-Benz The First Century A Social View of the Automobile 1886-1986 Brochure. Original.


1886-1900 The Era of Great Discoveries
1901-1920 The Automobile Grows Up
1921-1930 The Roaring 20's
1931-1945 Technical Advances, Under the Cloud
1946-1964 The World Recovers
1965-1986 Searching for New Goals

From the brochure:

Few inventions have had as great and as sudden an effect on the way we live as has the automobile. It is one of the true "change agents" of our civilization, a creation that ranks alongside movable type, the electric light and the computer in its degree of influence.

Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, who invented the automobile, had little idea of what the first 100 years of their creations would bring - or that by the end of that century, their tiny companies would have merged and become Germany's largest industrial undertaking.

But the purpose of this brochure, and of the exhibit itself, is not to focus on Daimler-Benz, or its Mercedes-Benz products. It is, rather, to look at the automobile in general.

"The First Century" is a review of, from a social point of view, some of what has happened in these last 100 years. It shows us the cars and the movie stars, the kings and the queens, the wars and the politicians, the great sports figures and the rest.

Condition: Cover shows some light wear/yellowing.

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