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1984 Audi CIS Electronic Fuel Injection System Service Training Information

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1984 Audi CIS (Continuous Injection System) Electronic Fuel Injection System Service Training Information. Original.

There are three distinct types of fuel injection used on recently produced Volkswagen and Audi vehicles:

Electronic Fuel Injection
Hydraulic Fuel Injection
Electro-Hydraulic Fuel Injection


CIS Electronic Operation

Basic System Operation
Mixture Control Unit
Electro-Hydraulic Actuator
Fuel Supply Diagram
Fuel Pump
Fuel Filters
Pressure Regulator
Cold Starting/Running Controls 4 Cylinder Engines
Cold Starting/Running Controls 5 Cylinder Engines
Electronic Control Unit
Sensor Plate Potentiometer
Temperature Sensor
After Start Enrichment
Warm-Up Enrichment
Acceleration Enrichment
Oxygen Sensor
Altitude Compensation
Full Throttle Enrichment
Deceleration Fuel Shut-Off

Test Procedures

Basic Checks and Adjustments 4 Cylinder Engines
Basic Checks and Adjustments 5 Cylinder Engines
Pressure Testing
System Operational Checks
Sensor Plate Checking, Adjusting
Potentiometer Checking, Adjusting
Cold Start Valve/Thermo-time Switch Checking
Auxiliary Air Regulator Checking
Throttle Valve Position Checking
Fuel Pump Delivery
Injector Bench Testing
Injector Quality Testing
Idle Air Stabilization Valve Checking
Electrical Testing
Wiring Diagrams

Condition: Service Manuals are used in Dealership Shops, Independent Garages and in Fleet Environments and thus can reflect such use, most often showing extensive signs of soiling, age, and wear. The information within is still legible and can give valuable insight. The images shown are representative of what is shipped. Has some handwriting inside as well.

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