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Detroit Dream Cars Concept Vehicles Buick Y Job XP-300 K-310 X-100 Belmont

Price $29.00 $23.20 Details W: 10.5 x H: 8.5 x D: 0.5 Weight 1.19 lbs. Page Count 159+ Condition Used Original - Good Item Type Aftermarket Manual Inventory Number RB-53007 OEM Number none In Stock
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Detroit Dream Cars by John Heilig, published by MBI. For more than 60 years, dream cars-prototype concept vehicles that introduce new styling and technology to the motoring public-have kept crowds drooling at auto shows everywhere. Credit Buicks 1938 Y-Job for starting it all. A rolling testbed comprising sophisticated styling and many experimental features, the Y-Job established a concept car standard that nearly every automaker has followed since. Seeing a dream car slowly spinning on a glitzy auto show turntable is as thinging today, and it was in the '50s. This book is in good condition and with over 200 photos and info, it is sure to provide hours of informative reading!

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