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2008 Fiat Sieben Sunden fur 7 Panda Sales Brochure - German Text

Price $15.00 $12.00 Details W: 11 x H: 8.25 x D: 0.1 Weight 0.31 lbs. Page Count 26 Condition Used Original - Good Item Type Promotional Material Inventory Number SB-29068 OEM Number 04.2.4585.50-S-07/2007 In Stock
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2008 Fiat 7 Sunden fur 7 Panda Sales Brochure.

7 Sunden fur 7 Panda.
Fur alle, die eine grobe Schwache fur Italien haben. Fur alle, die zu viel unterwegs sind. Fur alle, die zu sehr aufs Geld schauen. Fur alle, die etwas zu anspruchsvoll sind. Fur alle, denen die Umwelt zu wichtig ist. Fur alle, denen nur Schones gefallt. Fur alle, die immer nur cool sein wollen und zu sehr auf Extras achten. Jeder hat ein kleines Laster. Aber nicht jeder hat einen kleinen Mythos.
1. Stolz. 2. Geiz. 3. Zorn. 4. maßlosigkeit. 5. Neid. 6. Wollust. 7. Tragheit.

7 sings for 7 panda.
For all who have a rough weakness for Italy. For all who are traveling too much. For all who are looking too much for money. For those who are a bit too demanding. For those who care about the environment. For all who only like Schones. For all those who just want to be cool and pay too much attention to extras. Everyone has a small vice. But not everyone has a little myth.
1. Pride. 2. Stinginess. 3. Wrath. 4. Gluttony. 5. Envy. 6. Lust. 7. Tragity.

Note: German Text
Printed in Italy

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