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2000 Lincoln L2K Concept Car Press Photo 0083

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2000 Lincoln L2K Concept Car Press Photo.

The two-passenger sports car come of age in the L2K concept car from Lincoln.
This appealing convertible brings an aura of sophistication to the sports car arena. The L2K takes classic and contemporary cues from its Lincoln heritage while retaining the heart-pounding performance demanded by driving enthusiasts. Its name means "Lincoln 2000".
The rear wheel drive L2K, designed at Ford Motor Company's California Studios, is powered by a 3.4-liter, 32 valve V-8 engine delivering approximately 250 horsepower through a four-speed automatic transmission.

Reproduction photo printed on high quality, high gloss, acid free base stock photographic paper. Paper size is 8" x 10". Original scanned photo paper was 8" x 10" as well. Original photo may have had borders, etc, and thus the image itself may be smaller than paper size. Great reproduction of an original image. A memorabilia piece suitable for framing/displaying.

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