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1990 Lincoln Mercury Fleet Product Portfolio MarkVII Town Car Continental Cougar

Price $69.00 Details W: 10.5 x H: 11.5 x D: 3 Weight 4.38 lbs. Page Count N/A Condition Used Original - Good Item Type Promotional Material Inventory Number DB-50671 OEM Number none In Stock
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This original 1990 Lincoln Mercury Fleet Buyers Guide Product Portfolio is in good condition and was put together to be an easily accessed resource for the salesmen to use in order to help promote the line, answer customer questions, or help them complete their orders. Included are key reasons to buy, paint chips, price points, what's new, wheel treatments, options/specs, and much more for the Town Car, Mark VII, Continental, Grand Marquis, Cougar, Sable, Topaz, Scorpio, and the 1989 1/2 Tracer. The tab EPA is empty, either the dealership never put in those papers when they were sent out, or the papers just were never sent. Either way, this was a common occurrence.

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