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1980 Chevrolet Suburban Sales Brochure Canadian

Price $10.00 Details W: 8.5 x H: 11 x D: 0.1 Weight 0.12 lbs. Page Count 12 Condition Used Original - Good Item Type Promotional Material Inventory Number SB-18830 OEM Number September 1979 In Stock
Flat US shipping rate: $4.95
Flat International shipping rate: $12.00


1980 Chevrolet Suburban Sales Brochure. Chevy Suburban. The superwagon with the tough-truck build. Moves more than an ordinary wagaon. Carries payloads up to 3,492 lbs. Fits in most garages. Match 4x4 traction with wagon-style comfort. Tough chassis underneath. Tough body all arounds. Available equipment for truckin and travelin. Specifications, trailering special package requirements and colors available on back. Condition: Someone has used a 3-hole punch and put holes in the spine. See pics. Note: Canadian Version.

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