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1979 VW Audi Charging Systems Course 705 Service Training Publication

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1979 Volkswagen Audi Charging Systems Course 7.05 Service Training Publication. Original.

The battery, alternator, and voltage regulator are the heart of any automotive electrical system. These components which make up the Charging System provide the electrical power necessary to start the engine and operate all the electrical equipment.

While the Charging System components are generally trouble-free, a familiarity with the correct testing procedures and equipment will help you to quickly and accurately diagnose any problems that do occur.

This booklet is divided into three sections. The first section describes the operation of the alternator and voltage regulator. The operation of the battery and special precautions necessary when handling batteries are discussed in the second section. The third section provides you with information about testing the complete charging system.


The Alternator

Magnetic Induction
Alternating Current (A.C.)
Direct Current (D.C.)
Rectification Circuit
Claw-Pole Rotor
Phase Windings
Three Phase Alternators
Voltage Regulation
Alternator Start-Up

The Battery

Battery Cells
Battery Chemistry
Specific Gravity
Static Voltage
Battery Gassing
Battery Capacity
Battery Precautions
Battery Maintenance

Charging System Testing

Test Sequence
Battery Visual Checks
Specific Gravity Test
Static Voltage Test
Load Test
Alternator Visual Checks
Alternator Output Test
Regulator Test
Diode Test
Current Drain Test
Starter Tests

Good condition with some wear and blemishing [see photos].

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