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1979 The Fiat Diesel Sales Brochure - Italian Text

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1979 The Fiat Diesel Sales Brochure.

Le Diesel Fiat Brochure di vendita.
Oggi l'auto Diesel e Fiat. Una vasta possibilita di scelta. Una gamma di 7 modelli e versioni. 131 Diesel 2000 L e CL. 131 Diesel 2000 Panorama. 131 Diesel 2500 Super. 131 Diesel 2500 Panorama Super. 132 Diesel 2000 e 2500. 
All'operazione Diesel la Fiat ha dedicato anni di studi ed ingenti investimenti. La Fiat pensava ai Diesel gia nella progettazione della 131 mirafiori e della 132. Questi modelli infatti sono nati eccezionalmente robusti proprio perche pensati anche in versione Diesel . In questi anni e stato progettato ex-novo un motore che riassume 70 anni di esperienza Fiat nel campo dei Diesel: un motore che doveva essere altamente moderno e competitivo al momento dell'uscita e tale da restare moderno e competitivo per molti anni ancora.

The Fiat Diesel Sales Brochure.
Today the Diesel and Fiat cars. A wide possibility of choice. A range of 7 models and versions. 131 Diesel 2000 L and CL. 131 Diesel 2000 Panorama. 131 Diesel 2500 Super. 131 Diesel 2500 Super Panorama. 132 Diesel 2000 and 2500.
Fiat has dedicated years of studies and significant investments to the Diesel operation. Fiat was thinking of Diesel already in the design of the 131 Mirafiori and the 132. These models were born exceptionally robust just because they are also thought of in the Diesel version. In these years a new engine has been designed that sums up 70 years of Fiat experience in the Diesel field: an engine that was to be highly modern and competitive at the time of its release and to remain modern and competitive for many years to come.

Condition: Dealer stamped towards the middle of the brochure. Ink has bleed onto to facing page.
Note: Italian Text
Printed in Italy

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