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1979-1983 VW Audi Continuous Injection System Course 404 Service Publication

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1979-1983 VW Audi Fuel Injection Continous Injection System (CIS) Course 4.04 Service Training Publication. Original.


Introduction - Fuel Injection Systems
CIS Fuel Injection

System Diagram
Mixture Control Unit

CIS Fuel Supply

Fuel Supply Diagram
Fuel Pump
Fuel Accumulator
Fuel Filters

CIS Cold Running Controls

Cold Running Controls Diagram
Control Pressure Regulator
Auxiliary Air Regulator

CIS Cold Start/Hot Start System

Cold Start System Diagram
Cold Start Valve
Themo-time Switch
Hot Start Pulse Relay
CIS Fuel Pump Relay

Oxygen Sensor Systems

System Description
Oxygen Sensor
Fuel Mixture Control (fuel distributor/frequency valve)
Closed Loop System
Electrical Circuits

CIS Testing

Cold Start
Hot Start
Cold Running
Warm Running
Sensor Plate-Centering and Height Adjustments
Sensor Plate/Control Plunger - Checking for Binding
Cold Start Valve/Thermo-Time Switch/Hot Start Relay
Auxiliary Air Regulator
Fuel Pump Delivery/Injector Bench Test
Injector Quantity/Fuel Distributor Quantity
System Pressure (check/adjust)
Control Pressure - Cold
Control Pressure - Warm
Residual Pressure
Residual Pressure Drops Below Minimum

Check/Adjust Timing, Idle Speed and CO%

Cars without Oxygen Sensor - Timing/Idle Speed/CO%
Cars with Oxygen Sensor - Timing/Idle Speed/CO%

Check/Adjust CO%

Cars with Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen Sensor System Checking

Oxygen Sensor System Checking
Checking Enrichment Circuits and Switches
Troubleshooting Flow Chart
Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits

Evaporative Emissions System Checking

Slack Tube Test
Leaks in the Evaporative Emissions System


Manual is in good used condition with normal wear, soiling and blemishing from use in a Dealership.

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