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1976 Mercury Color & Upholstery Grand Monarch Ghia Cougar XR7 LE Capri II Ghia

Price $119.00 Details W: 10.5 x H: 11.5 x D: 1 Weight 5.12 lbs. Page Count N/A Condition Used Original - Good Item Type Promotional Material Inventory Number DB-52081 OEM Number none In Stock
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This is an original 1976 Mercury color & upholstery selections album. It is in good condition, however does show signs of wear, soiling and blemishing. Some pages have stuck together and have caused damage to the pages, damage to the paint chips, and discolorization, see photos for reference. When you open the album, you are greeted with colorful photos, interior samples, highlights, ordering codes, and more for the Monarch S, Grand Monarch Ghia, Montego MX Luxury Edition, Bobcat S, Cougar XR7 Limited Edition, (as well as the Light Aqua Special Promotion Model), and the Capri II S. The rest of the album is full of other interior samples, seating options, ordering codes, and more for the Marquis, Marquis Brougham, Grand Marquis, Marquis Station Wagon, Colony Park, Montego, Montego MX, Montego MX Brougham, Montego MX Station Wagon, Montego MX Villager Station Wagon, Cougar XR7, Monarch, Monarch Ghia, Grand Monarch Ghia, Comet, Bobcat, Capri II, and Capri II Ghia. In the back of the album, there are vinyl roof colors, codes, and availability, as well as exterior paint colors, codes, and availability. The Capri Section has most of the damage while the rest of the samples are mostly good. Although not perfect, this very rare Dealer Only piece will display well and will be a great addition to any Collection.

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