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1970 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletins Lot

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1970 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletins Lot. Original.

The purpose of the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) is to provide interested Dealer personnel with the current status of service problems.

The information covered will of necessity be incomplete in many cases and should be used with discretion. Parts availability, part numbers and production effective dates will be given when possible. Where such information is not covered, it is not available.

Inquiries concerning items in the Bulletin were to be directed to one's District Service Manager.

Lot includes TSB #131 thru 156.

A sampling of some of the information found in this lot of Technical Service Bulletins.

Bulletin No. 131 January 16, 1970

2049 C. Master Cylinder to Spring Tower Interference (1970 Fairlane with Power Brakes)
2050 C. Disc Brake Noise Correction (1969 and 1970 All Carlines)
2051 C. Brake Booster Noise or Vehicle Vibration Upon Brake Application (1970 Ford Station Wagon and Police Units Built Prior to 12/15/69)
2053 C. Rear Suspension - Rattling or Knocking Noise at Rear Leaf Springs (1970 Ford Fairlane/Torino Station Wagon and Ranchero)
2056 C. Locking Steering Column Running Change (1970 Maverick)
2058 T. New Front Spring Pin for Improved Durability (1966-1969 "W" Series)
2060 T. Difficult Shifting this Article Cancels and Supersedes Article 1791, Bulletin 115 (Econoline - 1969-70)
2064 T. Lower Radiator Hose to Radiator Support Interference (All F-T-8000 Trucks Equipped with Caterpillar V-8 Diesel Engines)
2066 C. Starter Slow Crank After Hot Soak - 315 W this Article Supersedes Article 1777, TSB No. 114 (Mustang, Fairlane, Ford - 1969)

Bulletin No. 132 January 30, 1970

2078 C-T. New Special Bold Head Design Tools (1969-70 Vehicles)
2080 T. Diesel Engine Ether Quick Start Mounting Bracket (Louisville Series Truck Equipped with Diesel Engine - 1970)
2082 T. Parking Brake Valve - Air Exhaust at T-Handle (L, LN, LT and LNT with Air Brakes - 1970 Model)
2086 C. Driveline Roughness Due to Incorrect Pinion Angle (1970 Mustang - Early Production with Base Suspension)
2088 C. Rear Axle - Replacement of 9 3/8" Ring Gear Two Pinion Axle Assemblies with 9" Four Pinion Axle Assemblies
2102 C. Engine Oil Loss Due to Filter Puncture (1969 Mustang with 302 or 351 CID Engine)
2110 T. Autolite Alternators - Improved 65-85 Ampere (Medium-Heavy-Extra Heavy Trucks)

Bulletin No. 135 March 13, 1970

2187 T. Noise in Cab During High Speed Cruising - Loud Drumming Type (F-100 w/131" WB and Econoline w/123" WB All with 302 CID Engine - 1969-70)
2188 C. Sure Track Brakes - Pinion Mounted Sensor (Thunderbird - 1970)
2193 T. Front Axle Knuckle Seal - Improved (F-250 4x4 1969 Prior Model)
2207 C. Paint Peeling Off the Radiator Grille Back Panels and Head Lamp Hinges (Ford LTD and XL Models - 1969)

Bulletin No. 137 April 10, 1969

2236 C. Hurst 4-Speed Manual Transmission Shift Control Assembly (Mustang, Fairlane - 1970)
2237 C. Automatic Transmission - Delayed Engagement After Cold Start (Cortina with Borg Warner Type 35 Automatic Transmission - 1969)
2246 C. Ignition Coil - Poor Connection at Coil Battery Terminal

Bulletin No. 141 May 29, 1970

Carburetor and Ignition System - Driveability Problem Diagnosis Guide

Bulletin No. 147 August 14, 1970

1971 Model New Features Infomation Only

Bulletin No. 148 September 4, 1970

3025 T. Steering Column Squeaks (E 100-300 Econoline - 1969-1970)
3026 T. Improved Reyco 101 Spring (Trucks Equipped with Reyco 101 Suspension - 1969-70)
3027 C. 1971 Pinto Shift Pattern (Pinto Vehicles Equipped with Four-Speed Manual Transmission - 1971)
3030 C. Automatic Transmission - FMX - Front Clutch Failures
3042 T. Instrument Cluster Gauges - High Pointer Indication and/or Cluster Lights Inoperative (Econoline - 1970)
3047 T. Thunderbird Convertible Upper Back Panel Limit Switch - Part Substitution

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