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1969 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletin Summaries Lot - Small

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1969 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletin Summaries Lot. Original. Compact Size (might want to have a magnifying glass handy).

Summaries of Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) articles are provided as a quick reference and reminder. For complete information, refer to the full TSB article (NOT Included) referenced for each summary. The "Warranty Status" shown at the end of the summary indicates whether the operation is reimbursable according to the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.

Lot includes Summary No 111, 112 (x2), 113 (x2) and 115 (x2).

A sampling of some of the topics found in this lot of TSB Summaries.

Summary No. 111 March 14, 1969


1701CT - License Plate Retention

Chassis/Drive Line

1702C - Front Suspension - Top Mount Wind-Up (Revises TSB 1639-6)


1703C - Engine Does Not Crank
1704CT - Electrical Malfunction - Engine Will Not Start Electrical Components Inoperative
1705CT - Cigar Lighter and Emergency Flasher Do Not Work Due to Blown Fuse
1706C - Fresh Air Vent - Air Leaks and High Efforts
1707C - Heater Core Moan
1708C - Heater Water Valve Vacuum Motor Sticking
1709C - Defroster Operation on Left Side of Windshield Inadequate
1710C - Rear Speakers are Intermittent or Do Not Work
1711C - Vacuum Controlled Components Inoperative
1712C - A /C Heater Left Instrument Panel Air Register - Air Discharge Inadequate
1713C - Air Conditioning  Compressor Vibration
1714C - Excessive Road Splash Requiring Frequent Use of Windshield Wipers


1715C - Luggage Rack Crossbar - Ineffective Retainer Assemblies
1716C - Windshield Wiper Arm Pressure Improvement
1717C - Windshield Wiper Drive Link - Interference with Cowl Top Inner Panel
1718C - Power Window Switch Bezel Loose - Broken Retaining Clip
1719C- Tailgate Outside Handle Sticks or Binds
1720C - Hood Outer Panel Flutter
1721C - Belt Mounding to Backlite Mounding Gap

Condition: Shows light wear/age. See pic.

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