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1968 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletins Lot

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1968 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletins Lot. Original.

The purpose of the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) is to provide interested Dealer personnel with the current status of service problems.

The information covered will of necessity be incomplete in many cases and should be used with discretion. Parts availability, part numbers and production effective dates will be given when possible. Where such information is not covered, it is not available.

Inquiries concerning items in the Bulletin were to be directed to one's District Service Manager.

Lot includes TSB #102 thru TSB #104.

A sampling of some of the information found in this lot of Technical Service Bulletins.

Bulletin No. 102 November 15, 1968

1536. "W" Series - Door Inner Panel Sheet Metal Repairs (1967-1968 "W" Series Trucks)
1538. Rocker Arm Stud Removal - 351 Cu In Engine (351 Cu In 8-Cylinder Passenger Car Engine)
1540. Transmission Shift Linkage Adjustment - All C Series Trucks (All 1969 and Past C Model Trucks)
1542. New Countershaft Rear Bearing Cap - Clark 280 Series Transmission (All 1968 Medium and Heavy Trucks Equipped with Clark 280 Series Transmission)

Bulletin No. 103 November 29, 1968

1547. Reverse Idler Gear Revision - New Process Gear 4-Speed Transmission (1969 Model F100-F350, F-100-F-250 4x4, P-350-P500 Trucks)
1551. Touch-Up Paint - Squire Model Station Wagon (1968-1969 Ford and Fairlane)
1557. Inoperative or Intermittent Right Door Speaker (1969 Mustang with AM/FM or AM/Stereo Tape Player)
1561. Metal  Squeak Noise in the Front Fender to Rocker Panel Area (1969 Ford - All Models)
1562. Loose Accelerator Pedal Pad Bright Trim Cover (1969 Mustang and Fairlane)
1565. Possible Loss of Engine Lubrication Oil (1968 F, B, C-6000/7000, F-T-C-8000 with Ford V-Series Diesel Engine - Caterpillar Mid-Range)
1570. Glove Box Light Stays On (1969 Ford, Mustang, Thunderbird)
1572. Servicing the Autolite Integral Alternator Voltage Regulator (1969 Thunderbird)

Bulletin No. 104 December 13, 1968

1578. Shorted Alternator Wiring (All Cars and Light Trucks Equipped with V-8 Engines)
1579. Torn Front Seat Back Pivot Corner (1968 Thunderbird equipped with Reclining Seat
1580. Insufficient Cooling, Heating and Defroster Operation (1969 Ford)
1583. Repair Procedure for Stripped or Pulled Out Attaching Studs in Plastic Front Fender and Quarter Panel Extensions (1969 Ford and Mustang Excludes Station Wagon Quarter Panels)
1585. Quarter Vent Window Water Leaks (Supplement to Article 1505, Technical Service Bulletin No 99) (1969 Mustang - Model 63)
1587. Engine Overheating (1968-69 Bronco, Econoline, Parcel and Light Truck)
1589. Cab Dirt Entry thru Gearshift Lever Opening (W Series Truck)

Condition: Shows light wear/age. See pic.

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