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1966-1969 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletin Summaries Lot

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1966-1969 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletin Summaries Lot. Original.

Summaries of Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) articles are provided as a quick reference and reminder. For complete information, refer to the full TSB article (NOT Included) referenced for each summary. The "Warranty Status" shown at the end of the summary indicates whether the operation is reimbursable according to the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.

Lot includes Summary No 49 thru 54, 56 thru 58, 60 thru 73, 98 thru 100, 102, 103, 105 thru 109.

A sampling of some of the topics found in this lot of TSB Summaries.

Summary No. 49 November 4, 1966

931. Improper Vehicle Side to Side Attitude or Lean (1966 Ford Galaxie Models 63 and 76)
927. Axle Shaft, Failure in Service (All Models)
928. Heater Hose Replacement (All 1966 Car Lines)
929. Inadequate Condensate Drainage Through Evaporator Drain Tube (1966-1967 Fairlane and Falcon Equipped with Integral Air Conditioning)
930. 55 and 60 Amp Ford Manufactured Alternators - Diode Failures (All 1966 Vehicles)
925. Windshield and Backlite Water Leaks (All 1965-1966- 1967 Models Having Butyl Tape Installed Glass)
926. Vacuum Control Systems (Thunderbird)
924. Removal, Storage, and Packaging of Parts to be Returned to the Warranty Parts Return Center

Summary No. 60 February 24, 1967

1001. Headlamp Bulb Breakage (1966-1967 Ford and Fairlane - All Models)
998. Removal and Installation of Radio or Stereo Tape Player.


997. Oil Consumption Diagnosis Procedure
1002. Inoperative Accessories Due to Failed Relay Assembly (1966 1/2 and Early W Series Highway Tractor)
1000. Twin Post Repair Stand (All Car and Truck Lines)

Summary No. 61 March 10, 1967

1005. Dual Cylinder Brake Bleeder and Adapter Cap (Ford Models with Dual Master Cylinder)
1011. Oil Pressure Indicator Systems (1967 Mustang)
1008. Carburetor Loading During Engine Warm-Up 4300-4V Carburetor (1967 Ford and Thunderbird Units Built Prior to Approximately March 15, 1967, with 390-4V or 428-4V Engine and Automatic Transmission)
1009. Carburetor Loading During Engine Warm-Up 4300-4V Carburetor (1967 Falcon and Mustang 289-4V Engine Equipped Units Built Prior to Approximately March 15, 1967)
1003. Remote Control Mirror Cable Failure (All Car Lines)
1004. Circle Impressions on Rear Window (1967 Mustangs - All Models Except Convertible)
1006. Door and Quarter Window Replacement (1967 Thunderbird)
1010. Door Latch and Door Latch System Problem Diagnosis (All Car Lines)


1007. New Process Transmission and Warner T18 Hard Shift, High Effort and Instrument Cluster Interference (1966, 1967 F-100-250, 350)
1012. New Tachometer Drive and Cable (1963-1966 Dagenham Engine Equipped C&N 6000/7000)

Condition: Shows light wear/age. See pic.

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