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1965 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletin Summaries Lot

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1965 Ford Service Department Technical Service Bulletin Summaries Lot. Original.

Summaries of Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) articles are provided as a quick reference and reminder. For complete information, refer to the full TSB article (NOT Included) referenced for each summary. The "Warranty Status" shown at the end of the summary indicates whether the operation is reimbursable according to the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.

Lot includes Summary No 9 thru 19, 22, 24, 27.

A sampling of some of the topics found in this lot of TSB Summaries.

Summary No. 9 February 15, 1965

146. License Plate Attachment Inadequate
151. Replacing - Piston Pins
152. Intermittent Operation of Horns, Parking Lamps or Rear Lamps
154. Starter Drive Failures (200, 240, 260, 289, 230, 352, 361, 390, 391, 427)
163. Rear Door Safety Lock - Rattle

Summary No. 11 March 15, 1965

188. Rear End Sway
189. Delayed Oil Pressure Build-Up with Excessive Time Required for Oil Light to Go Out After Cold Engine Start-Up
199. Convertible Top Damage
200. Speedometer Driven Gear "Ticking" Noise

Summary No. 14 April 19, 1965

264. Convertible Rear Window Breakage
265. Seat Track Malfunctions
274. Headlining Discoloration

Summary No. 24 October 22, 1965

460. Oil Consumption on 1964-1965 330 CID Heavy Duty Engine Equipped Trucks Built Piro to May 3, 1965 - Serial No 684,000
461. Water Leaks in Luggage Compartment
466. Excessive Oil Consumption (1965 352-390 CID Passenger Engines)
471. Bronco Towing and Lifting Instructions

Condition: Shows light wear/age. See pic.

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