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1952 Ford Product Information Service Letters Lot

Price $39.05 Details W: 8.5 x H: 11 x D: 0.125 Weight 0.25 lbs. Page Count 38 Condition Used Original - Good Item Type Factory Manual Inventory Number SM-53986 In Stock
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1952 Ford Product Information Service Letters Lot. Original.

Product Information Service Letters addressed topics for order writers, floormen, diagnosticians, shop mechanics, and all service personnel. They contain information on changes in products and the service procedures for handling the changes.

Lot includes P-134 thru P-135, P-140, P-142, P-145, P-149 thru P-150, P-152 thru P-153, P-155, P-158 thru P-162, P-164 thru P-165.

A sampling of some of the information found in this lot of Product Information Service Letters.

P134 February 4, 1952 Items 228-242

228. Clutch (1951 Cars)
229. Quarter Window Front Weatherstrip Assembly (1951 Victoria and Convertible)
230. Overdrive (1949-1951)
231. Cast Spoke Wheel Wrench (F-7 and F-8 Trucks)
232. Care of Chrome Plated Parts
234. Vehicle Hoist Interference (1952 F-Series Trucks)
235. Brake Drums (Cars)
236. Primary Sun Gear Shift (Fordomatic Transmission)
237. Generator Failures Due to Sticking Brushes
238. Crankcase Capacity and Timing Specifications
239. Radiators (1951 Cars)
240. Testing Radio Vibrators
241. Electro Magnetic Speakers (Ford Radios)
242. Headlight Support Panel (F-3 Post Office Units)

P-152 July 31, 1952 Items 430-440

430. Fordomatic Fluid Leakage (1952 Cars)
431. Rear Springs (1952 Cars)
432. Front Fender Braces (1952 Cars)
433. Front Suspension (1949 Cars)
434. Parking Brake (1952 Cars)
435. Windshield and Rear Window Glass (1952 Cars)
436. Universal Joint (1949-1952 Cars)
437. Fordomatic Installation (1951 Cars)
438. Steering Idler Arm Bushing (1949-52 Cars)
439. Clutch Linkage (1952 Cars)
440. Fuel Pump Push Rod (1951 and 1952 Eight Cyl 239 Cu In Engines)

P-158 October 1, 1952 Items 470-472

470. Cooling System Information
471. Sticking Valves (254 Cubic Inch Engines)
472. Improved Cylinder Head Gasket (279 and 317 Cub Inch Engines)

Condition: Shows light wear/age. See pics.

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