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1951 Ford Fleet Service Information Service Letters Lot

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1951 Ford Fleet Service Information Service Letters Lot. Original.

Fleet Service Information is similar to Product Information Service Letters (which addressed topics for order writers, floormen, diagnosticians, shop mechanics, and all service personnel and contain information on changes in products and the service procedures for handling the changes) with the addition of fleet operation suggestions.

Lot includes F-42 thru F-44.

Some of the information found in this lot of Fleet Service Information Service Letters.

F-42 February 2, 1951 Items 1-12

1. Clutch Pedal Clamp Bolt
2. Fresh Air Heater (1951 Truck)
3. Transmissions (1A-7003-C and 1A-7003-D)
4. Winter Front Adaption (1951 Cars)
5. Thermostats (1950 and 1951 Cars)
6. Serial Numbering System
7. Piston Ring Sets
8. New Fuel Pumps
9. Heater Kits Adaption (1951 Station Wagons)
10. Magic Air Heaters (1950 and 1951)
11. Courtesy and Map Lights (1951 Cars)
12. Ignition Switch

F-43 February 15, 1951 Items 13-21

13. Camshaft 8-Cylinder Engines (1935-1948)
14. Date-Coding (Electrical Units)
15. Brake and Clutch Pedal
16. Luggage Compartment Door (1950 Cars)
17. Loose Handling (1950 Cars)
18. Main Bearings
19. Rotatable Valves (OBA & 1BA Engines)
20. Installation Instructions
21. Shock Absorber Bushing Adjustment 

F-44 February 15, 1951 Items 22-27

22. Ranco Valve Test
23. Heavy Duty Regulator Procedure
24. F-7 and F-8 Disc Wheel Conversion
25. Cast Spoke Wheels (F-7 and F-8 Trucks)
26. Winter Lubricants (1949-1951 Ford Cars)
27. Throttle Linkage (Fordomatic Transmission)

Condition: Shows light wear/age. See pics.

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