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1951-1957 Era GMC XM-157 DRAKE Amphibious Machine Factory Press Photo 0044

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1951-1957 GMC XM-157 DRAKE Amphibious Military Machine Factory Press Photo.

The XM-157 was manufactured by GMC Truck and Coach Division of General Motors Corporation.

The 12 Ton 8x8 Drake was being looked at to be a replacement for the DUKW (GMC CCKW Truck made to be amphibious). The DUKW was used to transport troops and goods over both land and water. It excelled at approaching and crossing beaches in amphibious warfare attacks.

Some interesting specs of the Drake.

Wheelbase: 221 in.
Overall Length: 42 ft.
Overall Width: 10 ft.
Overall Height: 130 in.

Angle of approach: 34 degrees
Angle of departure: 23 degrees
Ground clearance: 18 in.

Land Speed: 44 mph
Water Speed: 9 mph
Gradeability: 60%

Some Drake features:

External brakes
Internal axles
Semi-retractable wheels
Air suspension
Smooth hull bottom
Two independent power trains for land and water operation, and capable of operation on either
All aluminum alloy, non-corrosive hull
Steerable and retractable propellers
Power steering and automatic front wheel engagement
Stern tail-gate and ramp

The replacement never took place and it is thought that there was only one of two of the Drakes ever produced, most pics you'll find show this one (USA 7042382), so this is a rather rare piece. Note those on board in this pic are in suits and trenchcoats, not military uniforms.

An interesting piece of American History.

Reproduction photo printed on high quality, high gloss, acid free base stock photographic paper. Paper size is 8" x 10". Scanned photo paper was 8" x 10" as well. Original photo may have had borders, etc, and thus the image itself may be smaller than paper size. Great reproduction of an original image. A memorabilia piece suitable for framing/displaying.

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