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1937 Chevrolet-Flxible 21 Passenger City Coach Factory Press Photo 0255

Price $9.88 Details W: 10 x H: 8 x D: 0.1 Weight 0.06 lbs. Page Count 1 Condition New - Reproduction Item Type Promotional Material Inventory Number PHT-36451 OEM Number Chevy_1937_0255 In Stock
Flat US shipping rate: $4.95
Flat International shipping rate: $12.00


1937 Chevrolet-Flxible 21 Passenger City Coach Factory Press Photo.

Reproduction photo printed on high quality, high gloss, acid free base stock photographic paper. Paper size is 8" x 10". Scanned photo paper was 8" x 10" as well. Original photo may have had borders, etc, and thus the image itself may be smaller than paper size. Great reproduction. A memorabilia piece suitable for framing/displaying.

Condition: The photo that was scanned had some rippling at the top from some water damage, you can see where this was in the reproduction, but the reproduction will not be rippled.

Did you know? The Flxible (missing the "e" on purpose) was founded as the Flxible Side Car Company in 1913, as they built motorcycle side cars. Upon expanding beyond sidecars they dropped Side Car from the name.

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