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1928 General Motors GM Facts about a Famous Family Newsletters No 1-2 4-6 and 9

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1928 GM Facts about a Famous Family Newsletters No 1-2, 4-6 and 9. Original.

Facts about a Famous Family Newsletter was for members of the General Motors Family and Their Friends.


January 1928. Volume V No 1 Contents:

Magnetism Detects Metal Flaws
Five GM Divisions Sponsor January Radio Programs
GM Preferred Stock Offered to Employees
Getting the Facts
Installment Selling is Great Aid to Business
GM and Fisher Exhibits Well Worth Attending
Export Sales Set Record

February 1928. Volume V No 2 Contents:

Why the 1928 General Motors Cars are Better
AC Spark Plugs Play Part in Air Progress
Hyatt Roller Bearings make Trains more Comfortable
GM Export Facts and Figures
Delco-Light Aids Egg Production
The Policy of Progress
The Fan, the Wind Tunnel, the Research Engineer
General Motors Sales Show Great Increase
Driveaway and Freight Cars

April 1928. Volume V No 4 Contents:

Film, booklet, poster, map, and advertisements tell Proving Ground story to millions
AC spark plugs help set air endurance record.
The romance of an equation.
Thousands send thanks for our Family Parties.
GM used car advertising builds owner good will.
Closed Bodies and the Open Mind.
How do automobiles spend their old age?
Two more stations now broadcast our programs.

May 1928. Volume V No 5 Contents:

How General Motors plans its sales for tomorrow.
Exhaustively studying an engine's breath.
General Motors sets new sales record in first quarter.
Delco-Light has larger offices and factory.
How much material does General Motors use?
Sloan states principles of General Motors success.
AC oil filter an economy to motorists.
General Motors will soon make batteries.
An Open Mind to New Ideas
GM car wins 2,000-mile race over African veldt.
Speed records made with Ethyl Gasoline.

June 1928. Volume V No 6 Contents:

What weather means to car testing.
Fan Belts and the Open Mind
Edison praises electric refrigeration.
General Motors gives employees incentive to save.
GM Research to have new building.
Forty million will tour America.

October 1928. Volume V No 9 Contents:

An outside opinion of General Motors.
Time Payments and The Open Mind.
Fisher pioneers many body improvements.
News of the General Motors Family.
Running a road test in a laboratory.

Condition: Shows some yellowing. Hole punched.

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