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1922 Mercer Series 5 Raceabout Photo 0003

Price $11.49 $9.19 Details W: 6 x H: 3.5 x D: 0.1 Weight 0.06 lbs. Page Count 1 Condition New - Reproduction Item Type Promotional Material Inventory Number PHT-42088 OEM Number Mercer_1922_0003 In Stock
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1922 Series 5 Mercer Raceabout Photo.

The one pictured was owned by Ralph Buckley. It appears that he obtained it in 1944 and did a complete restoration himself. The original photo had been sent to a Carlton Jones in Dalton, MA in 1963.

The Original Photo the reproduction was made from may have been taken by L. Scott Bailey of Automobile Quarterly fame, but cannot confirm that.

Reproduction photo printed on high quality, high gloss, acid-free base stock photographic paper. Paper size is 8" x 10". Original scanned photo paper was 3 1/2" x 6". As a result of proportion differences, some of the extraneous areas of the photo are cropped out. Great reproduction.

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